AUG 03 2017

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Oct 15 2016

Manual Samuel [FINAL]

Manual Samuel [FINAL]

Manual Samuel [FINAL]|555 MB

Meet Samuel, he’s handsome, wealthy and most importantly – dead. A deal with Death gives Samuel one last chance to live again if he can survive a whole day doing everything manually.

Manual Samuel [FINAL]

A hilarious story of love, redemption and death with secrets to uncover along the way.
Unique, hand-drawn 2D art and animation bring the world of Manual Samuel to life.
Play solo or share control of Sam’s body with a friend for local co-op fun.
Master the brutal time-attack mode.
Scintillating soundtrack by Sondre Jensen and Ozan Drøsdal.
Over 600 lines of dialogue expertly executed by eloquent voice actors.

Manual Samuel [FINAL]
thanks hi2u
Sep 11 2016

The King's Heroes [FINAL]

The King's Heroes [FINAL]
The King's Heroes [FINAL]
The King's Heroes [FINAL]|102 mb

Princess Darlene has vanished. The King is completely broke.
His only chance is to ask his closest friends for help.
And one of them is a natural choice, having been there when it happened.
But the shock of it has wiped out most of the memory, and your only clue remains a torn parchment.
thanks unkown

Choose among a knight, a witch, a minister even, and several others, and try to find out what happened to the King's daughter.
But choose well, because much more than actual professionals, these people are first and foremost the King's best friends. Will they end up heroes, or zeros?
You have a say in the matter!

30-40 Hours of epic and rich gameplay
Visible encounters
Mouse control
No less than 6 modes of difficulty including unique 'Attack Mode'
Choose your party among 8 different classes of characters, some of them with up to 4 different sub-classes
Rename your characters - give your name or a friend's!
Colyseum for you to test your skills and earn great rewards
Tons of Relics and Artifacts to discover
Great-looking enemies, beautiful environments and charming music

A FRESH 2016 RELEASE thanks UNKNOWN & vovan666
Sep 08 2016

Schein [FINAL]

Schein [FINAL]
Schein [FINAL]

Schein [FINAL]|349 MB

Schein tells the story of a father who enters a mystical swamp in desperate search of his son. As he becomes enveloped in darkness and begins to lose hope, a wisp appears, offering him guidance and her magical power: a light that reveals hidden worlds. Use your wits and light to conquer mind-bending puzzles and defeat deadly beasts. Can you save your son in what’s possibly the trickiest platformer you'll ever play? Featuring three hidden worlds with unique art styles and dangers, occasionally maddening puzzles, and challenging platforming action, Schein will put your intellect and reflexes to the test.


download, downloaded, cracked, free, game

Sep 04 2016

The Queen Of Thieves [FINAL]

The Queen Of Thieves [FINAL]

The Queen Of Thieves [FINAL]
The Queen Of Thieves [FINAL]|102 MB
For a long time, the three sisters Joanne, Kira and Thalia were on their own, living their separate lives. They believed their mother Arianna, the Queen of Thieves, to be dead, executed twenty years ago in the town of Ahkra by the villainous Lord Raul Capello.

One day, their father Lysander calls them to Ahkra. He has big news: their mother, and his wife, could still be alive! At least, that's what a mysterious figure is telling him. They seem to be the only one who knows what's really going on, and they’re willing to help the sisters, for a price.

They'll need to follow in their mother's footsteps, robbing from the rich to meet the increasingly outrageous demands of their mysterious benefactor.
At the same time, they'll meet new people, who might become more than friends:
Tiberius, the guard captain.
Fredrick, the owner of the biggest shop in the town.
Melvin, a man full of mystery.
Mary-Ann, the town's blacksmith.
Moirgane, a waitress at the biggest tavern in town.
Therjalla, a travelling scholar working as a healer in the local temple.

system requirements:
your brain. you need to read the instructions to activate full version, if your brain is absent you may require additional services

A 2016 VELOCITY exclusive RELEASE

Aug 23 2016

The Rivers of Alice Extended Edition [UPDATED FINAL]

The Rivers of Alice Extended Edition [UPDATED FINAL]

The Rivers of Alice Extended Edition [UPDATED FINAL]|104 MB

A surreal, point and click adventure game, The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment where the player will need to help Alice confront the fears of her everyday life like: sloth, envy, and dishonesty that manifest themselves in the form of mysterious characters and puzzles.

A gentle game, The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version will see gamers enjoy experiencing the beautiful watercolor, ink and pencil-drawn images of Ane Pikaza, as well feeling the emotion of the beautiful soundtrack (composed expressly for it by Spanish, indie-rock group, vetusta morla) wash over them.

A 2016 VELOCITY exclusive RELEASE
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